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Welcome to the Worked all New Hampshire Counties page

The Counties Names are: Belknap, Carroll, Cheshire, Coos, Grafton, Hillsborough, Marrimack, Rockingham, Strafford, Sullivan.


Licensed Hams per New Hampshire County(as of 10/2010)
County# of Hams3 letter Abbreviation5 Letter Abbreviation
Belknap County340BELBEL NH
Carroll County210CARCAR NH
Cheshire County339CHECHE NH
Coos County125COOCOO NH
Grafton County328GRAGRA NH
Hillsborough County1648HILHIL NH
Merrimack County550MERMER NH
Rockingham County1146ROC>ROC NH
Strafford County329STRSTR NH
Sullivan County203SULSUL NH
Total NH Hams5218
Other Info

Receiving the Worked All New Hampshire County award does not guarantee you sufficient evidence of working All of New England(WANE)County Award or working All US County Award (USA-CA) as their rules may be different. Please check with the respective links below to see their rules before submitting evidence of Counties worked to their Awards Manager.

If my information on NM1JY is false please let me know and I will make the forementioned rule Void.
Please be Aware of sending Cash through the mail, I will not be responsible for lost or stolen cash if sent through the mail, checks or money orders would be more appropriate.

The Award has a Green Border with the State Motto on top and the Old Man on the Mountain at the Bottom. Printed on a heavy grade paper. The NE QSO Party officals prefer the 5 Letter abbreviation when submitting loogs for their contest.


Worked All New Hampshire Award Application
The USA-CA Official Rules Page
County Awards of the United States
Worked All New England Award (WANE)
New England QSO Party Homepage.

Thank you for visiting my page, If you are a County Hunter Like I am good luck on Contacting All the Counties.

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